Once we have the total package working then we can start fine tuning the driver to the tracks, conditions and rule sets.  We have been there and understand that racing is a mindset, drivers can be fast and never win a race, we firmly believe that you have to learn how to win!  Being based at Motorsports Country Club of Cincinnati gives us the opportunity to evaluate and develop that winning ability.  We want all of our drivers up front and we know how to do it.  Additionally, todays drivers have to know how to present themselves, we have a strict rule of conduct at Team TKG, this conduct helps train drivers on how to present themselves in front of sponsors, fans and team partners so you will be able to get and keep your marketing partners.  Once we get you there, we have the knowledge to help you choose the right career paths, the road has already been run, paths and forks on the "Road to Indy" have been taken and we know the directions.  With our status of "Official Karting Program of Team Pelfrey", the ladder to living your dream is right in front of you.  Not only is racing a mindset, it is also very physical, Trinity Karting Group is partnered with some of the best minds in racing fitness, nutrition and psychological training.  RACEFIT was developed by us and is used to train several IndyCar drivers…we can help guide you to the mind and body for racing. Learn more...